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    The original is back! Yeti can now kick the penguin even further. We have completely reworked this classic game. What can you look forward to? 3D comic-style graphics, a classic mode, along with 8 extended levels, global high score lists and lots more. If you missed out on the original, which was downloaded over 300 million times, now is the perfect time for you to try it for yourself! Have fun and ‘let me flyyyyyyy!


    Yeti and Penguin are back! For the first time, the ill-assorted couple is taking off on the iPhone. After been kicked around for years, the Penguin finally gets to fly! Use the iPhone’s motion sensor to maneuver him trough 27 stages of all new level gameplay. Follow a given flight path to collect all the bonus items in each level and chase the daily and global records! On top there’s the classic mode where your only goal is to glide further than any Penguin has done before.

    That’s 2 game modes, 9 levels of difficulty and 27 levels for just $ 0.99!

    Of course, there’s one thing you should know: After 5 years, the web-version is still played by 100.000 gamers on any given day. With its tons of new features, the brand new iPhone version is setting out to become the most addictive iPhone gaming experience.

    You have been warned!

  • What many are considering to be the best part of the YETISPORTS series is finally available for iOS. No matter if you are familiar with YETISPORTS or new to the series, we're pretty sure you will love this one. Assist a little penguin with his dream of flying! Since the cute little fellow cannot take off by himself, you recruit the help of an Albatross which carries the penguin, well, as far as you make him to. No angry birds in this game! Our Albatross is there to help…

    Tap once to launch the penguin onto an Albatross. Be sure to choose a fast moving one, since he will carry you further! Once you are airborne, tap for the Albatross to flap his wings. It's more effective to tap close to the ground, but risky. You don't want to crash land early.

    Play online on www.yetisports.org



    Move over, Lemmings. Here come the penguins!

    You take control of the cute little fellows and make them solve riddles, lead them through labyrinths and help them avoid traps or landmines.
    By using the motion sensors you will guide one, two .. or even crowds of penguins at once.
    Once you solved all missions, attack the online highscore by solving each map as fast as possible.




    Imagine this: The sun is rising into the blue sky above you, there’s the most beautiful beach beneath you and in your hand: a cold bottle of rum. That’s just perfect, right? Well, not for poor Klaus. After what seems to have been a long evening, all he wants is to do is go to bed, which could prove difficult since he has emptied a few drinks too many. This is where you come into play. Guide Klaus on his way to Candy by using your iPhone’s motion sensor. Try keeping a straight line and keep Klaus from stumbling along the sea.
    And you remember what they always say, right? “Don’t drink and dive!”
    If you’re one of the 750.000 people who downloaded the first Klaus-game, you’ll most certainly enjoy the sequel. It features Klaus in all his drunken glory jumping over fish and getting performance points for graceful moves. Collecting bottles gets him smashed, energy drinks lower his alcohol level. You choose your own level of difficulty by making him drink as much as you want before you start.
    So go and meet Klaus, he’s counting on you. Cheers

    Sexy Dance 3D - Candy, the woman you CAN control

    A sexy girl dancing on the iPhone and wiping off dirty fingerprints.
    That’s it? Seriously? Yeah well, it’s not our fault, our fans asked for it.

    Here’s the story: We, that is Root9 Medialab, published a free game at the beginning of the year named “Klaus”. It’s based on a real life character – our boss! ;)

    The game shows him in a rather delicate situation, trying to find his way home after a party. It took us by surprise that more than 1 million people downloaded it, laughed about it, showed it to each other in bars. Soon we received loads of emails from Klaus-Fans demanding more, showing more of Klaus life.
    And so – here she is: “Candy”, Klaus girlfriend!! The very one waiting for him in his bedroom (in case he ever finds his way home). And yes, it is another senseless iPhone application. But.. so far, everybody loved it.. probably because the girrrrrl is really hot!


    The makers of Yetisports challenge you with a bunch of hairy bugs on your iPhone. Watch out! 4Bugs is based on a newspaper classic, it’s a picture hunt game with certain twists.

    Each round you are presented with two nearly identical images. Your job is to spot the 4 differences! Of course, there’s lots of stuff that sets this version aside from the picture hunt in your local newspaper or even other games.

    There are 500 pictures, a two player mode and the possibility to gamble. Are you sure that you are fast enough? Decrease the timer to increase your reward!

    Your highscore will be online for others to see and can be exported to Facebook or Twitter from within the game.



    This Yetisports Xmas Special is dedicated to 250 millionYetisports fans and to those who are going to join the club!

    Yeti is in a peaceful mood, he has decided to stop smacking Pengu around during Christmas time. He left the baseball bat at home and is trying cooperation for a change. In this Xmas special Pengu aims high and Yeti commits his full athletic prowess to the cause. Is Yeti scared of Pengu’s revenge? Or is he just hoping for a phat Christmas present? Either way, the Christmas elf has his doubts about the displayed peace and keeps a jealous watch over the scene.

    The goal of this game is to place the canes at ideal intervals for Pengu to climb as high as possible. Not an easy feat for Yeti since he has to jump while throwing the candy. Timing is crucial and it doesn’t help that the number of canes is limited. Will Yeti keep it up despite all the Christmas cookies he ate?
    Note: This iPhone game will help you endure boring family celebrations during Christmas time. Let your friends have the same relief!


    One thing is for sure: if Santa Claus keeps up this drinking pace, there will be no presents this year. How would we explain to our little ones that Santa was too smashed to deliver?

    Preventing a major Christmas crisis is solely in your hands! Guide Santa on his Christmas route using your iPhone’s motion sensor. Try keeping a straight line and don’t let him take a nap in the snow. He has no time for that! Jump over Christmas sacks and get performance points for graceful moves. Collecting wine bottles gets Santa even more drunk, candy sticks lower his alcohol level. Choose your own level of difficulty by making him drink as much as you want before he starts.

    Cheers! Have a Merry Drunken Christmas

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